Neuton Font

by Zick Type Foundry

Neuton Font

8 font family styles

Bold Style

Neuton Bold
truetype 285 glyphs 208 characters

Cursive Regular Style

Neuton Cursive
truetype 220 glyphs 211 characters

Italic Style

Neuton Italic
truetype 287 glyphs 210 characters

Light Style

Neuton Light
truetype 285 glyphs 208 characters

Regular Style

Neuton Regular
truetype 312 glyphs 235 characters

SC SC-Bold Style

Neuton SC Bold
truetype 209 glyphs 208 characters

SC SC-Light Style

Neuton SC Light
truetype 209 glyphs 207 characters

SC SC-Regular Style

Neuton SC Regular
truetype 208 glyphs 208 characters
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    About Neuton Font

    Neuton is available as a webfont at:

    Neuton is a clean, dark, somewhat Dutch-inspired serif font which reminds you a little of Times. It has a large height, short extenders, and a compact width for better screen use, and economy of space. It is named after Newton County, Arkansas, where the designer currently lives.

    The family will comprise a regular, italic, and cursive, each in five weights and with smallcaps. Two italics – one will be called "italic", and the other "cursive" – are uncommon, but very useful. Ever tried emphasizing something already emphasized? Beyond that obvious example, there are other uses.

    Sometimes a text needs a different flavor or feel. While one roman can work for a variety of texts, the companion italics don't always. In more classical or personal documents, a stiff, sober, modern and down-to-earth italic will never work. And in many essays, some of the fancier italics look ridiculous. Who said a roman needs only one companion?

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