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Faith Collapsing font

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Faith Collapsing font by Nihilschiz
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This one's kinda a cross between one of those disfunctional messy
old typewriter fonts, and one of those old English blackletter gothic
type thingy fonts. The little "not defined" thing is from the cover
of Rantology. And the name's from a Ministry song. Because Ministry
is awesome. And their concerts are awesomer, especially when they're
loud to the point of painfulness and you get stepped on by obnoxious
large drunk guys. Curse my height deficiency! Curse yooouuuu! But
then we went to Perkins after and ate pancakes so it's okay. We,
being me and my friends, NOT the previously mentioned large obnoxious
drunk guy. Because I hate him.

Faith Collapsing sample text
Faith Collapsing (Version 1.00 Au) Faith Collapsing.ttfView Font Info 96 characters — View All


  • savnance avatar
    I LOVE this font and would love to have it made compatible for my MAC. As of now, it will not recognize it.
  • Kelvin avatar
    This is the font I'm looking for! Thank you so much. Btw, how to use it?
  • kudeta avatar
    Beautiful! The fonts I've been looking for since...I don't know. How sad there are no characters like á, í, o, ú, ó, é! But strange enough letters ö and ü can be found...
  • pirris15 avatar
    iluv it jajja
  • G369 avatar
    used here (! =)
    With credits, obviously.
  • maxiikallda avatar
  • fontmother avatar
    This is a great font. it looks just like an old newspaper. Next time I am making one i'll use it. Nihilschiz, how did you make it. If anyone see's this please tell me how to make a font. 😄 😄 😄 😄
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Typeface © Nihilschiz Fonts. 2006. All Rights Reserved


Version 1.00 August 16, 2006