Nishiki-teki Font

by Umihotaru

Nishiki-teki Font

Regular Style

truetype 27165 glyphs 25008 characters
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    About Nishiki-teki Font

    This is a Unicode-compliant font inspired by the free shell "Nishiki" from the font download page.
       Feel free to use it for your creations and more.
       Nishiki-teki ( IPA : nʲi̞ɕi̥kʲi̥te̞kʲi̥ ) is a Unicode-based font inspired by a free shell of Ukagaka called Nishiki.
        Feel free to use for your creative works and other purposes
        . kiu nomiĝas Niŝiki .
        Vi rajtas uzi libere por viaj kreaĵoj kaj aliaj celoj.
       nasin sitelen ni li jo e nasin pi toki ilo Juniko. sitelen jan Nisiki pi ilo Ukakaka li pana e kon pona tawa ona. o kepeken mute sama wile sina tawa
       pali sina tawa ijo ante.

       Letters, Armenian, Hebrew, Georgian, Ogham, Runes, Coptic, Glagolitic,
       Hiragana, Katakana, Zhuyin, a few Chinese characters, Lisu, Osage, phonetic symbols, Braille, decent pictograms, It also contains various other symbols.
       The current version contains: Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Armenian, Hebrew, Georgian, Ogham, Runic, Coptic, Glagolitic,
       Hiragana, Katakana, Bopomofo, a sprinkling of Han ideographs, Lisu, Osage, phonetic symbols,
       Braille patterns, a certain amount of emojis, miscellaneous symbols and punctuation marks, etc.

        In addition, the private use area includes the following types of artificial characters (Tengwar, Kias, Aui , Gargoyle, Uniphone , Sollesol, Visible Speech,
       Ava, Aiha, Klingon , Kana for Okinawa dialects , Kesen dialects ( Keseng ), Taiwanese dialects, etc.) and various symbols.
       Besides that, some constructed scripts, various symbols etc. listed below are available in the Private Use Areas.
        Please see this PDF file for more details and new content.
       For further and up-to-date details, please see the following PDF file.

         List of characters in the PUAs

    E000−E07F Tengwar Based on the proposal by Michael Everson ; compatible with fonts by Free Tengwar Font Project , and the UCSUR
    E080−E0FF Cirth Based on the proposal by Michael Everson ; compatible with the UCSUR
    E270−E28F a UI Compatible with Unifont
    E290-E2CF ARIB Compatibility ARIB characters not accepted for addition to Unicode; small-sized CJK letters, parenthesized letters
    E3B0-E42F Biblos Compatibility ( currently incomplete ) Miscellaneous symbols found in the Biblos gaiji fonts ; only characters not in Unicode
    E5C0-E5DF Gargoyle Compatible with the CSUR
    E630−E64F Seussian Latin Extensions Compatible with the CSUR
    E680−E6CF Ewellic Invented by Doug Ewell ; compatible with the CSUR
    E6D0-E73F Unifon Supplement Based on N4195
    E740−E76F Unifons Compatible with the CSUR
    E770−E77F Solresol Compatible with the CSUR and Quivira
    E780−E7FF Visible Speech Compatible with the CSUR
    E8B0-E8DF MUFI Compatibility-A Compatible with the MUFI recommendation ; only characters not in Unicode and not precomposed
    E8E0−E8FF Tonal and Duodenal Invented by John W. Nystrom; the mapping of Tonal is based on the UCSUR ; incompatible with the proposal by Luke Dashjr
    E900-E9CF Phonetic Extensions Appendix Based on N3555 ; letters for European dialectology, Initial Teaching Alphabet, etc.
    E9D0-E9FF Punctuation Appendix Punctuation marks invented by Hervé-Bazin (vid. N4256 ), etc.
    EA00-EACF Latin Extended Appendix Africanist tone letters (U+F1F1..9 in SIL's PUA ), letters for the African reference alphabet, English Phonotypic Alphabet (vid. N4079 ), letters used in the Former Soviet Union (vid. N4162 ), etc.
    EAD0-EBFF MUFI Compatibility-B Compatible with the MUFI recommendation ; only characters not in Unicode and not precomposed
    EE00-EEBF Alphabetic Presentation Forms Appendix Ligatures etc.; U+EE20..F are a bunch of characters from MUFI whose original code points conflict with other characters in this font
    EEC0-F32F MUFI-CYFI-SIL Compatibility Compatible with the MUFI recommendation , SIL's PUA and the CYFI recommendation ; only characters not in Unicode and not precomposed; the arrows at U+F312..9 are found in Cardo
    F330-F3FF CYFI Compatibility Compatible with the CYFI recommendation ; Early Cyrillic letters
    F400-F4BF Kana Appendix-A Kana for Taiwanese, Okinawan , Ainu, the Kesen dialect, etc.
    F4C0-F4EF Ath A constructed script for Baronh; the character repertoire is based on the TRON Code
    F4F0-F4FF MUFI Compatibility-C Compatible with the MUFI recommendation ; the characters at U+F4F7, 8 are compatible with UNZ 1
    F500-F54F Kodō Symbols Genjikō symbols (also called Genji-mon symbols) compatible with Quivira , four-branched Keizukō symbols and three-branched Sanshukō symbols
    F550-F57F Mathematical Operators Appendix Rarely-used mathematical symbols found in the STIX fonts and Quivira
    F580-F58F Geomantic Figures Compatible with Quivira
    F590-F5FF Various Symbols Tally marks, regional variants of playing card suits, religious and occult symbols, astrological and astronomical symbols, xkcd snake elements, etc.
    F600-F6FF Geometric and Technical Symbols Appendix Lunar phases, Go symbols, Apple's MouseText characters, hatching patterns (vid. N4011 ) , ISO/IEC 9995 symbols (vid. N4317 , N4444 ), characters from Adobe's PUA , license symbols, etc.
    F700-F71F Metrical symbols Compatible with Alphabetum Unicode and the MUFI recommendation
    F720-F7FF creative compatibility Compatible with Kreative Software's PUA (except Roman numerals at U+F7B2..6, which are from MUFI); only characters not in Unicode
    F800-F87F Apple Compatibility Compatible with Apple's PUA ; Hoefler ornaments etc.; U+F800 is a glyph specific to Nishiki-teki (a version indicator)
    F880-F89F Technical Symbols Appendix Miscellaneous computer-related symbols, including several vendor-dependent UI icons
    F8A0−F8CF Aiha Compatible with the CSUR
    F8D0−F8FF Klingon Also known as pIqaD ; Compatible with the CSUR
    F0000-F01FF Standardized Variants ( currently incomplete ) Representative glyphs of the standardized variation sequences
    F0210-F02DF Cardo Compatibility Ancient Greek symbols not in Unicode, found in the Cardo font
    F0300-F04FF Control Pictures Appendix-A Symbols for control and invisible characters used in code charts
    F0600-F07FF Number Forms Appendix Combining subscripts, partially enclosed numerals (can be used for Go diagrams) inspired by Quivira , Alan Martin's hexadecimal digits, etc.
    F0910-F09FF Enclosed Alphanumerics Appendix ( currently incomplete ) Most of the characters are derived from Adobe-Japan1
    F0A00-F0D6F Enclosed CJK Letters Appendix ( currently incomplete ) Most of the characters are derived from Adobe-Japan1 and Adobe-Korea1
    F7C00-F7FFF Kana Appendix-B Jūki kana ( withdrawn ), Kana ligatures, etc.
    F8000-F8FFF CJK Ideographs Appendix Han ideographs not found in Unicode
    FC2E0-FC38F Chess Symbols Appendix Symbols for non-standard and historical chess pieces (Tamerlane chess, Courier chess, Chinese chess, etc.) and fairy chess problems; mainly found in Quivira
    FD100-FD1FF Musical Symbols Appendix ( currently incomplete ) Rarely-used musical symbols found in Musica and SMuFL
    FDE00-FDFFF Regional Flags National and regional flags ordered by ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes;
    FE000-FEEAF GMail Emoji Compatibility Compatible with Google's emoji4unicode ; Emoji characters not accepted for addition to Unicode; some national flags etc.
    FF000-FFCFF Pictographs Appendix A hodgepodge of pictographic symbols and emojis not in Unicode
    FFD00-FFFFD Nishiki Shell Surfaces Pictures in the 'free shell' Nishiki (created by Hutami Sui , available for making a character for Uka gaka , which is a kind of desktop accessory software), and its modifications by Tsukina et al.
    100000-1001EF Control Pictures Appendix-B Symbols for control characters in the Supplementary Special-purpose Plane (Plane 14)
    100F60-100FFF Code Value Presentation Glyphs Any Unicode value with 4-6 hexadecimal digits can be represented as a picture (like those in the Unicode BMP Fallback Font ) by overlapping digits at each position

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    1 year ago

    Can I add an italic style of this font for you?

    Brian Duval
    1 year ago

    good 🖒

    Bryndan Meyerholt
    1 year ago

    This is pretty good. It must have taken a long time to make given the large number of characters. There appears to be some issues with overlapping on the H-related glyphs that causes it to form holes in unexpected placed (ĥ, 🄗, etc.)

    7 months ago

    Finally! Someone fixed `ꙮ`

    Bryndan Meyerholt
    4 months ago

    I wonder if this font was made in FontForge, Glyphs, or FontLab? Also, there was errata regarding the Ꞙ glyph as the form prior to Unicode 15.1.0 was incorrect for written text. It should look like an F with a horizontal stroke going through the top portion of it.