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Silubr font

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Silubr font by Robert Pfeffer
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SILUBR (Goth. “silver”) is a bold and contrasting Gothic uncial script related to the hand script of ancient Gothic codices. Its name is derived from the silver ink used for the Codex Argenteus. Silubr is probably the most original of all the fonts offered here. It includes 35 characters. This is quite a modest number, but the missing part can easily be complemented from other bold typefaces (e.g. “Poster Bodoni”).

To allow writing with this font in programmes that don’t support the high Gothic Unicode range (as for example MS Word), the Gothic characters are mapped to the Latin range as well. And in order to render texts in silubr which have originally been set from such of my fonts that distinguish between lower case and upper case letters, I have laid this font’s majuscules to the minuscule range, too.

Silubr sample text
Silubr (Version 2.0 200) Silubr.otfView Font Info 110 characters — View All

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  • mateusboga avatar
    Great use of the gothic alphabet, I enjoyed this!
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(c) Robert Pfeffer, Hessen.


Frei für den nichtkommerziellen Gebrauch. <br>Free for non commercial use.


Robert Pfeffer, Hessen.


Version 2.0 2009


Please refer to the Copyright section for the font trademark attribution notices.


Robert Pfeffer, Hessen.