Sebby Writing ver2.0 Font

by jesuisombrenoir


Marker Pen Heavy Black Style

Sebby Writing Marker Pen Ver2.0
truetype 196 glyphs 256 characters
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    About Sebby Writing ver2.0 Font

    Sebby-Writing Font is my custom made font and all letters are trimmed and designed based on Sebastian’s actual hand-writing. It is a hand writing/ hand scripted style typeface and has a touch of think marker pen. Usually great to use at title, upper third and images with short sentences.


    Actually as you can see on the thumbnail image, this font only includes upper cases.
    Instead of also making lower cases available, I put two differently designed upper case characters, and it means that you can use 2 hand-writing designs for each capital-letter alphabet.

    This time's release has the latest updates of Sebastian's new hand writings also including the basic punctuation marks which was written by the actor himself solely for the completion of this font. In the process of getting those new references, our beloved friend Francoise has made her trip to Austin, Texas.
    Hereby, I would like to thank her once again for her amazing contribution.

    Last but not least, I want to make it clear that this font is for personal & NON-COMMERCIAL use ONLY. Of course the credit for the original letter design goes to Sebastian and without his permission, I don’t think any of us can use them for profit.

    P.S. Any feedback regarding the font is welcomed and please don’t re-distribute it without giving me a notice beforehand.

    Hopefully many of you guys enjoy it.

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