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Blockletter font

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Blockletter font by sharkshock
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Who's up for a movie night? In a distant land far, far away VHS tapes were once king. Blockletter is a clean, basic sans serif based on the now defunct Blockbuster Video logo. It also resembles the Hollywood sign, military lettering, and type found on collegiate apparel. This is a complete overhaul
based on a font I designed years ago. Blockletter features only uppercase characters and basic punctuation but contains European accents, diacritics, and kerning. The regular version is included for personal use. The other 3 are available with purchase of a commercial license. If you don't require
a license but still want the others you can buy the full version for $15

Blockletter sample text
Blockletter (Version 1.00 Ju) Blockletter.otfView Font Info 210 characters — View All


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Version 1.00 June 22, 2016, initial release