Teaching Print Font

by lewiscreative

Teaching Print Font

2 font family styles

Dotted Lined Style

Teaching Print Dotted Lined
postscript 222 glyphs 224 characters

Dotted Style

Teaching Print Dotted
postscript 220 glyphs 223 characters
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    About Teaching Print Font

    This tracing font is for teachers everywhere looking to create their own custom letters handwriting sheets while keeping their little learners attention.

    By including your child's name to trace, they are more likely to be engaged in learning how to write, read and recognize letters. This will quickly spark an interest in writing by allowing your little students to see their own name (or things they are interested in) on the page. It’s the perfect font for preschool, kindergarten, primary school, homeschool or parents.

    The free dotted font comes with 2 styles to teach kids to trace and write:
    - Dotted & Lined Font
    - Dotted Font Without Lines

    If you're looking for dashed lines, regular, or even Instructional Direction styles, visit our website for the full font family below.


    For the full font family and commercial licence, visit:



    Commercial licenses

    There are no commercial license purchase options. Contact the designer.
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    Azalia Flores
    2 years ago

    Great website:)

    Zack Lewis
    1 year ago

    @AzaliaFlores you can just click the "Free Download" button, then right-click / install the font.
    From there, you can use it in any program by selecting Teaching Print from your fonts.

    If you're looking to use it commercially, you can purchase the full font family at https://lewiscreative.ca/teaching-print

    Thanks for asking 😃

    Leslie Romine
    1 year ago

    Hello! Love the font. I am using the font in a text box in powerpoint. When I enter to a new line, I cannot get the font to return. If I continue from the last spot it will continue vs going down to the new line. I have used the space bar, but it stays blank. Any advice?

    Zack Lewis
    1 year ago

    @Lromine27 if you use the “^” key instead of spaces, it might fix the issue as this will continue the lines in PowerPoint (when using the “dotted lined” style).

    I know PowerPoint has had some issues with spaces in the past.