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Pipe Dream font by triforce89
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This is a font I made last summer inspired by the lettering found in Super Mario logos.

Unlike similar fonts, I did not make up what the letters look like. Well...for the majority of them anyway. I looked at the box art for just about every Mario game - EVER. Even the obscure ones like the Virtual Boy version of Mario Tennis.

I have little experience at making fonts and it shouldn't be hard to tell given this font. A few letters are little wonky because I didn't clean up the edges. I just copied and pasted the letters off the box art images in a font creation program. And it worked! For a first attempt, I think I did well. Only a small handful are made up (mostly numbers, but the Mario Party games helped out with that. I think the letter "Q" too.) - everything else is a letter ripped straight from box art.

So, it may be a little rough around the edges but it is the most accurate Super Mario font around.

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    What software did you make this on?
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Added (7 years ago)


This font was created using FontCreator 5.6 from High-Logic.com


Typeface © TRIFORCE89. 2007. All Rights Reserved


Version 1.00 October 30, 2007, initial release