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About Gladifilthefte Font

Gladifilthefte is a fancy font that was created by Tup Wanders in . It was added to FontSpace on

Gladifilthefte is licensed as Creative Commons (by) Attribution, which means it is 100% free for both personal use and commercial use.

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Note from Designer

My dad used to smoke a lot of cigarettes in the sixties, back when it was still perfectly healthy. I fondly remember the pretty boxes they came in, with gold leaf lettering, chic colors and a plastic wrap that would stick to your fingers. I really liked those tall, stylish letters they used for the brands, so I made this font to look like I remember them.

Please comment, and if you make something with it, please show me!

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  • LiviG avatar
    I typed in cigareetes because i am doing a health project on them and this came up!! how is this anything like a cigarette!!! STUPID!!!!!! >:(
  • fontspace avatar
    @LiviG Did you even read the description? You'll find out why ...
  • LiviG avatar
    @fontspace sorry i am a bit thick!!! thanks i understand now!!! EMBARRASSING!!!
  • dov11 avatar
    Both my parents smoked for many years also back when smoking was healthy and cool. Later on, my parents would point their fingers (clutching cigarettes) in my face - almost touching my nose - and warn me not to start smoking because it wasn't good for you. They both quit smoking in their elder years, not because they wanted to but because smoking became so restricted and they refused to be relegated to "designated smoking areas" and the like. My mother died of cancer five years ago and my father has cancer now.

    I wish the tobacco industry and the FDA could be sued for false advertising and incompetence and negligence. 😞
  • michael1960 avatar
    You have a lovely font. Really. The slant gives it so much energy, and the unusual shapes of some characters, especially G and M, 3 5 9, make a really interesting read.
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This font was created using FontCreator 6.0 from


Typeface by Tup Wanders - Creative Commons Attribution License


Creative Commons Attribution license


Tup Wanders


Version 1.00 August 20, 2009, initial release


Free font; do not sell