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Webfont Generator

Our web font generator is custom built and can be used to convert your truetype or opentype fonts to web-font formats. It can even subset fonts to decrease filesizes, and generate WOFF / WOFF2 formats that will target all browsers.


Helpful generator instructions

  • What is @font-face?
  • What font formats are supported?
  • Are these fonts cloud-hosted?
  • How do I use them on my website?
  • Can I link directly to the fonts on FontSpace?
  • Is this legal? Do I need a license?
  • I still need more help

About our custom webfont generator

We started building a webfont generator from scratch in 2009. It only took us 10 years to release! While other webfont generators use FontForge and python tools, we have the flexibility of modifying and optimized the font formats with our custom .NET code. Here are some of the unique features we provide

  • Cleanup and normalization. We can remove extraneous font info that isn't needed for webfonts.
  • CFF desubroutinization. Wow, that's a big word, but it allows us to compress the font better and get smaller file sizes
  • Cross-referencing with the FontSpace library. If you upload a font that has already been shared here, you'll see license details and more info.


We have some changes planned already.

  • Variable font subsetting and better variable support
  • Opentype feature flattening

Problems? Praise? Ideas?

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