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by Pia Frauss


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    About XalTerion Font

    This font was inspired by a few lower case characters penned by a much admired North American calligrapher. However, to make this quite clear: Even the b, h, p, and t I went from, are only similar in shape to the originals, and by no way exact copies. Everything else -- especially that little hook in the l, A, X, and elsewhere --, is purely of my own invention.

    Unfortunately, that North American calligrapher never answered to my emails asking permission to link to the image on his website which gave me the idea. Of course, I'm in no position to resent anyone's not replying to e-mail ... I've sinned too much in the same way. However, I hope you'll understand that there can still be no link, and no revelation of my source.

    The font name is fancy (pronouncing the X as an s may give it some meaning), and the winged beast on the micro sign is derived from the same inital that was used in the Tycho'sRecipe font.

    For a change, the XalTerion font has a number sign -- and on the correct key, too! There is a long s, but it hasn't been allowed to leave its place. And the only alternate character in this font is a cursive g on the bar and broken bar sign.

    Update 2010 has considerably downsized the font, has made the stems of the b, d, f, h, k, and l somewhat higher (the Th will look a lot better now), has enlarged the dashes, and has not only redesigned the composite glyphs, but added many new ones. In fact, the font now contains every accented Western character I could find in Arial -- including Ohorn/ohorn, U/uhorn and their derivatives, as well as Schwa/schwa.


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