Allerta Font

by Matt McInerney


2 font family styles

Medium Style

Allerta Medium
truetype 200 glyphs 186 characters

Stencil Style

Allerta Stencil
truetype 200 glyphs 186 characters
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    About Allerta Font

    Allerta is an open source typeface designed for use in signage. Allerta was designed to be easily and quickly read from a distance. Each letter exploits the most unique aspects of that individual letter so that each character can be easily distinguished from any other.

    Allerta has been released as an open source project so that those countries, communities, and/or organizations without a proper signage system may have a way of quickly designing and implementing one. While Allerta is complete with a large character set, because it is open source, modification and expansion is encouraged.

    For the more urgent of circumstances, Allerta Stencil and an accompanying kit have been designed so that signage can be created with nothing more than the kit of letters, a can of spray paint, and the nearest available substrate. Although the stencil kit may allude the finer points of typographic spacing, it is intended to serve the most basic purpose of signage: guiding people towards their destination or towards assistance.

    The name Allerta is derived from the origins of the word alert (adj. swift, v. to advise or warn). The Italian origin all'erta literally means on the lookout.

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