300 Wedding Envelopes: Using the Right Font To Achieve the Hand Written Look Without Killing Your Hand

by fontspace

Ask any traditionalist and they will tell you wedding invitations are supposed to be hand written. If just the thought of writing out 300 addresses is already killing your hand, there is good news. With the technology of today's printers and the ever evolving world of typography, hand writing could be a thing of the past.

FontSpace offers a large selection of fonts that are perfect for giving a personal touch to an addressed envelope. There are thousands of free fonts available for use, but thankfully FontSpace has helped to narrow them down into categories. Check out the following wedding fonts that are perfect for giving your invites that special hand written look without causing your fingers to be permanently cramped. 

  • Blessed Day- A beautiful and artistic font created by Billy Argel, Blesses Day is one of the most popular fonts on the site. With feminine curves, nice thick lines, and emotional traits, Blessed Day is a font that says something special while still being completely legible. 
  • Trufla Words- Offering a more traditional calligraphy look, Trufla Words is a dainty and fast moving script. Practically indistinguishable from hand written calligraphy, Trufla Words is a perfect choice for those wanting a traditional look without paying a calligrapher or spending hours laboring over envelopes.
  • Moonlight Shadow- If you're looking for something a little more unique with style and flair, take a look at Moonlight Shadow. Focusing more on individual letters than flowing script, the font allows for more artistry in each letter. Offering flowing over extended tails and linear accents around each letter provokes thoughts of gothic, midcentury art. 

For more fonts that give the personal feel of a handwritten touch, contact us. With thousands of fonts available and more being added daily, there is sure to be something to fit your needs.