Best Free Fonts of the Week 10/19/2014 - 10/25/2014

by fontspace

During the seven day week span of October 19 through October 25, there were 11 new fonts that received more that 400 downloads. You might think this would be a specifically Halloween inspired week, but you may be surprised by what these popular selections had to offer. Using downloads as the marker of popularity to spotlight the Best Free Fonts of the Week, we would like to list them in order, but also its notable to account how many 'favorites' votes each earned. We tallied these results on 10/31/2014, five days after the conclusion of the week. 

1. Rakoon Personal Use- created by Måns Grebäck: 2,201 downloads, 14 favorites. 

2. Vintage Find- created by Darcy Baldwin Fonts: 1,018 downloads, 6 favorites.

3. DJB DOODLIE BEANS font- created by Darcy Baldwin Fonts: 670 downloads, 11 favorites. 

4. Fondian Outline font- created by ArtOne Digital: 558 downloads, 6 favorites. 

5. Vtks Money 2 font- created by VTKS DESIGN: 552 downloads, 7 favorites.

6. Just an Outty font- created by Darcy Baldwin Fonts: 460 downloads, 6 favorites. 

7. DJB Miss Molly Brown font- created by Darcy Baldwin Fonts: 445 downloads, 8 favorites. 

8. DJB This Font is Worn font- created by Darcy Baldwin Fonts: 439 downloads, 3 favorites. 

9. Springy font- created by vidka: 424 downloads, 4 favorites. 

10. DJB Sarah Prints- created by Darcy Baldwin Fonts: 410 downloads, 5 favorites. 

That's your Top Ten for the week. We like to quantify these numbers by focusing on downloads to get a sense of what is trending in typeface design. Note the aesthetics are all over the map, cartoony serif fonts by popular Darcy Baldwin Fonts. Gritty, sans serif typefaces by VTKS and Darcy Baldwin. And note the winning font, by a landslide: the playful 'Rakoon' by the #1 download designer on the site: Måns Grebäck. It was also the only font to provoke comments such as "This is Awesome," "Nice!," and "It's a Beauty!" Looks like it pays to be the king of the hill. 

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