Customize your scrapbook pages

by fontspace

Scrapbooking is more than pretty paper and some pictures.  It's about creating a way to display your memories that is as unique as you are.  Adding in a quote or written memory is a great way to pass along those happy times to generations to come.  You don't want a plain font for those memories, they are special and deserve something special.  There are hundreds of great scrapbooking fonts available, to make those pages come alive.  Choosing the right font for the page can be daunting when you are confronted with the many choices, so let us offer up a few of our favorites.

Candy Inc is a great look for a page of your little league all star.

Cookie Monster looks great for a signed yearbook look.

Trufla Word is perfect for writing your own fairy tale.

Use the Popcorn font to show off the star of the school play.

Ships in the Night is a sweet and simple font that would look great paired with you and your sweet heart.

Use Flower Power to show off the gardener in you!

Among all of these great fonts for writing there are also tile fonts, that produce a picture when typed out.

These Maya Tiles produce sweet and simple wall papers.

The Ivy Tiles look great as they are, or maybe you want to color then delicate wallpaper font.

KG Flavor and Frames offer up some neat looking frames to hold pictures, quotes, or bits of memory.

Whatever you are looking for in a font for your scrapbooking, you will probably find it here.  There are new fonts added all the time.

Would you like to find out more about these fonts, or have a question?  Contact us or leave a comment below.