FontSpace: the center for fonts for designers

by fontspace

In a world where everyone has a growing online presence, designers of all types look for premium fonts that make their work stand out. From graphic artists to web designers, searching for the right font to portray the right idea can be tricky. Fonts for designers like these can be found at FontSpace, a proverbial mega-center for all font needs. Here, font designers showcase their works to others; over twenty-four thousand fonts have been shared globally. If you're a font creator and want your designs noticed by designers, here are a few tips:  

  • Clean lines show artist ability. The cleaner the better, as your work will appear crisp.
  • Variation between font types, along with a bit in between for those who might like more that one of your existing designs. A certain design might look better to a designer if combined with another.
  • Design fonts that not only covers letters, but numbers, punctuation, and symbols. With this expansive coverage, users won't have to worry about congruency through their document or piece of work.
  • Do not only appeal to a general audience, but to a fan group or a niche. This exposes your work even farther while creating a bigger audience for your work. You might find niche work more fun than trying to appeal to a general audience.
  • Design, design, design! By keeping your work fresh and present, you are bound to create a following of people who prefer to use your designs.

At FontSpace, font designers have access to a growing user base of artists and different types of designers. Submitting your work to the community opens you up to a global market full of varying interests and preferences.

To find out more about submitting your fonts, contact us.