Great Variety of Cursive Fonts

by fontspace

A recent study in Australia revealed some interesting results about marketing tricks and our brains. It seems that neuroscience has revealed using cursive fonts can effect how desirable we find a product. 

FontSpace has a vast collection of cursive fonts. Whether you are looking for a font for your new marketing campaign or to write a personalized note to a friend, we have a font to meet your needs.

Some of our popular cursive fonts that are great for multiple uses include: 

If you are looking for a font that really looks like it has been handwritten, you might want to try one of these: 

To add a more retro vibe to your project, one of these fonts may be what exactly what you need: 

Sometimes projects demand a stronger font to grab the reader's attention. If it's a fierce font with a bold presence you need, here are some options with the strength to handle the job: 

For a font that is simple, pretty and can add a delicate touch, one of these may be what you are looking for: 

It could be neuroscience drives you to choose a cursive font or you may just want to add a handwritten touch, either way there is no shortage of options available at fontspace.

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