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A Gentle Touch Font

A Gentle Touch Font design typography A Gentle Touch Font screenshot font
A Gentle Touch Font screenshot font
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About A Gentle Touch Font

A Gentle Touch is a handwritten font that was created by ByTheButterfly in . It was added to FontSpace on

A Gentle Touch is licensed as Freeware, Non-Commercial, which means it is free for personal use only. If you want to use it commercially, you will have to purchase a license or contact ByTheButterfly

If you like this font, please send some love to ByTheButterfly and Donate

If you need to contact the designer, you can Email ByTheButterfly

Note from Designer

--- I have added a couple of kerning pairs (which will make a couple of the letters flow easier.. you will not be able to see them when "previewed" here. However, once you download the font and use it in a program that supports kerning, they will show up! ---

***** TERMS OF USE *****

Thank you for interest in my font :) My fonts are free for personal use only. If you are interested
in commercial use, you can buy the license at http://bythebutterfly.com/shop.php OR contact me @ BYTHEBUTTERFLY@GMAIL.COM to get the AFFORDABLE prices. You may redistribute my fonts on your site as
long as you give credit to http://bythebutterfly.com as the original creator. Donations are ALWAYS welcome :)

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A Gentle Touch (Version 001.000) A Gentle Touch.ttfView Font Info 199 glyphs — View All


  • Nate547 avatar
    Very nice 😄 Free-flowing and easy to read--- you don't see that alot with scripts like this.
  • MiffinFonts avatar
  • ByTheButterfly avatar
    @Nate547 Thank you so much <3
  • ByTheButterfly avatar
    @MiffinFonts Thanks girl! I just updated it if you wanna re-download it 😄
  • MiffinFonts avatar
    @ByTheButterfly Awsome...will do 😃
  • ByTheButterfly avatar
    @MiffinFonts May wanna do it once again hee hee... I JUST did the last fix at 12:30pm CST 😄
  • MiffinFonts avatar
    @ByTheButterfly lol..you got it!
  • 1WeirdASH avatar
    Lovely! It's so clear and easy to read, but not boringly (if that wasn't a word before, now it is!) plain. Another perfect font for my scrapbook journaling:)
  • ByTheButterfly avatar
    @1WeirdASH thank you so much! And I LOVE that new word lol <3 I shall use it sometime 😉
  • hevbee avatar
    so beautiful 😄 Thank you 😄
  • Peaxwebdesign avatar
    very nice one Vanessa !
  • ByTheButterfly avatar
    @Peawebdesign Thanks P!!! 😄
  • ByTheButterfly avatar
    @hevbee Thank you Heather <3
  • ByTheButterfly avatar
    I added a couple of kerning pairs this morning.
  • Spacini avatar
    Yes, yes, yes!
  • ByTheButterfly avatar
    @Spacini YAY!!!! Thank you! I finally did my FIRST script font, although pain it may be.. lol. I am in the middle of working on a fancy script 😄 Learning new things everyday!
  • ByTheButterfly avatar
    I meant *Plain it may be* for my first go... my keys are so sticky!!
  • SnuggleBear avatar
    This is an awsome font I luv it!! xD
  • FontFanatic123 avatar
    Very cute! Thanks!
  • ByTheButterfly avatar
    @SnuggleBear Thank you snuggle!
  • ByTheButterfly avatar
    @FontFanatic123 Love your name!! And thank you <3
  • hugo018 avatar
    how do you do these fonts there amazing and i would really like to have a go at making one x
  • ByTheButterfly avatar
    @hugo018 There are a few steps to making fonts 😄 It stars out with an idea, and pen and paper, or a tablet. I have had many people ask for tutorials, so I am thinking of making a youtube video in the future to help the new designers. Thank you so much for your comment 😄
  • MiffinFonts avatar
    @ByTheButterfly I love that idea! There needs to be more youtube tutorials on how to create fonts 😄
  • SweetDaydreamer avatar
    Wonderful, the look of handwriting, yet very neat.
  • SweetDaydreamer avatar
    @ByTheButterfly Please make a tutorial for beginners. I make graphics but I've never done fonts.
  • TripleAsh19 avatar
    To die for its fantabulously amazing 😉
  • ByTheButterfly avatar
    @SweetDaydreamer I am in the process of it :)
    @TripleAsh19 thank you so much!!
  • jay1703 avatar
    Love this! Its beautiful :))
  • ByTheButterfly avatar
    @jay1703 Thank you!
  • 9kenna9 avatar
    love it!
  • lizylianne avatar
    My boyfriend committed suicide last night and this font is just perfect for a tattoo I want to get for him.
  • KatieRoseLuvsYa avatar
    Hey, I am thinking of setting a personal online store up on Etsy and using this font for the logo, would I have to pay a license for this? 😄 x
  • E11A avatar
    OMG i love this font!! definately my fave font!!
  • Petervism1985 avatar
    HEy man I like so much this font 😃
  • EverythingFonts avatar
    so cute! 2016 😃
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(c) Vanessa Bays @ ByTheButterfly.com


Version 001.000