Capella (Rock) III Font

by LJ Design Studios

Capella (Rock) III Font

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Capella (Rock) III Bold
truetype 116 glyphs 174 characters
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    About Capella (Rock) III Font

    attention this source is in use by a rock band and two design studios, so if they want the source must pay for it at their respective designer to avoid potential problems with those who already have currently paid for using this source.

    Capella (Rock) ™ III is a font of LJ-Design Studios.

    Descended from the font "Capella (Rock) 2"

    It is ideal for extreme sports combined on commercials and music primarily in genre Rock, Metal, Dark, metal rap and its variants.

    Not allowed for commercial use without permission
    of the respective authors, otherwise the corresponding penalties depending
    on the license that covers this project were implemented.

    Designed by Luis Jaramillo and Luis Alberto Rosalez for LJ-Design Studios. (c) 2014


    Capella (Rock) ™ III es una fuente tipográfica de LJ-Design Studios.

    Descendiente de la Fuente tipografica "Capella (Rock) 2"

    Es ideal para combinar en anuncios deportivos extremos y principalmente en la música de genero Rock, Metal, Dark, metal rap y sus variantes.

    No es permitido su uso comercial sin autorizacion de sus respectivos autores,
    de lo contrario se aplicaran las respectivas sanciones dependiendo de la licensia que cubre este proyecto.

    Diseñada por Luis Jaramillo y Luis Alberto Rosalez para LJ-Design Studios. (c) 2014

    license (Extended)


    Property LJ-Design Studios, commercial use payment should not be implemented in advertising without permits or authorization of their respective creators, to be well ae PENALTIES APPLY THE NECESSARY.

    Designed by; Luis Jaramillo
    Digitized and illustrated by; Luis Alberto Rozalez

    © - 2015 LJ-Design Studios (All Rights Reserved)


    Propiedad de LJ-Design Studios, Uso comercial pago, no debe ser implementada en publicidad sin permisos o Autorización de sus respectivos creadores, de ser así se APLICARAN LAS SANCIONES NECESARIAS.

    Diseñada por; Luis Jaramillo
    Digitalizada por e ilustrada por; Luis Alberto Rozalez

    © - 2015 LJ-Design Studios (Derechos Reservados)


    Commercial licenses

    There are no commercial license purchase options. Contact the designer.
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    Chris Vile
    almost 9 years ago

    I like the 'R' and 'P'. overall, it's a pretty good font. 😄

    Luis Jaramillo
    almost 9 years ago

    Thank You @chrisvile I'm glad you liked it 😄

    Chris Vile
    almost 9 years ago

    @LordZeDD Keep up the good work! Keep making fonts! Art it up!

    Luis Jaramillo
    almost 9 years ago

    Thank You !!! @chrisvile work in the continuation of this typography

    LJ Design Studios
    8 years ago

    La mejor de todas, fue un gran trabajo verdad @LordZeDD