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Arty Signature font

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Arty Signature font by Christopher Jackson
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There never seems to be a decent solution to making a signature with any of the pre-installed fonts.

It’s tempting to use one of the pre-installed fonts available in a hand-written script, but it’s a bit of a cliché, and actually ineffective, as they never look ‘natural’.
This is a 'creative' signature typeface, I may produce another, more 'formal' version.

There are 4 different capital ‘J’ versions – one under ‘J’, one under ‘/’, another under ‘\’ and a third under ‘@’.

To suit some signatures, there’s a trailing scribble under the = character (see this in place of the 'n' in the Simpson example above), and a bigger underline under the _ too!

This is completely free to download and use for personal use. This font shouldn’t be sold, modified, or used for profit – but if it is, please contact me.

Also, if you do use the font anywhere let me know, it’d be cool to see it in action!

Arty Signature sample text
Arty Signature (Version 1.10 Au) Arty Signature.otfView Font Info 63 characters — View All


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Arty Signature font 1.1


Typeface © Christopher Jackson. 2013. All Rights Reserved


Version 1.10 August 12, 2013