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Noodle Script font

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Noodle Script font by Dave Bastian
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Noodle Script is a revival of sorts. I saw a sample in a book printed in the 1930's. I've never seen its like in digital font format—and I've pored over a lot of recent (last ten years) specimens and font catalogs. So as an excercise, I thought I'd try to produce something similar. The result is admittedly a lot less artful than the original, yet, despite the warts, this font has some charm. Maybe.

NoodleScript sample text
NoodleScript nooscrip.ttfView Font Info 249 characters — View All


  • cinedependent avatar
    Thank you for this font. After trying the other version I found this with some bevel and emboss and a drop shadow really looked like spaghetti with the apropriate colour applied. Thank you so much. This saved me many hours of work.
  • sierramyles avatar
    Thank you!! Love this font and thank you for sharing it!!
    It saved me so much work!!
  • TotalSource avatar
    Thanks! Great font... my client calls it 'archaic' but I love its retro look!
  • ddfunk02 avatar
    Great Font....but I cannot get this one to work.
    : (
  • GraphX avatar
    Not working for me. Random characters.
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