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Champignon font

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Champignon font by Diogene
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Invented by Joseph Champion, 1740

Champignon sample text
Champignon (Version 1.0; 19) Champignon.ttfView Font Info 62 characters — View All
Champignon Alt Swash sample text
Champignon Alt Swash (001.000) champignonaltswash.ttfView Font Info 73 characters — View All


  • WolfBainX avatar
    This is beautiful! well done and best regards,
  • MizzFreddi83 avatar
    I love this...much respect to you...artist to artist
  • pie avatar
    It amazing
  • Butterfly07 avatar
    WOW! So artistic, so creative, so special! Thank You
  • DeVona67 avatar
    Like this alot..
  • Virgostarr avatar
    okay so i now know what my next tattoo font will be. thanks a mill
  • pitbulltattoo avatar
    Many thanks for the great font!
  • julesonpearl avatar
    I am so grateful for your generosity. I shall use this for an add in a broshure for The Stonington Inn . My shop's name is "The Art Garden" and the name looks so amazing in your script. Hopefully all will flock to Mystic CT to visit my shop!! Thanks again.
  • spidergrrl avatar
    This is so pretty! I might use it in a logo for a friend's small online bakeshop. Thank you so much for sharing this. 😄
  • susank82 avatar
    Love this script! Thank you so much for it!
  • mirosu avatar
    LOVELY *-*
  • amandaalissa avatar
    i love this <333333
  • RuThyLuvly808 avatar
    @WolfBainX I couldnt agree with you anymore ! This is really amazing im in lovee with this one :))
  • MeChie82 avatar
    Loveee it;-) nxt tat for
  • Vladimir avatar
  • britericangirl avatar
    bautiful i love it!!
  • knowledge360bk avatar
    Crack city lol,I love the way it looks in my sons name considering to get it tattooed on me. I love this site.
  • TheJJL avatar
    love this near future i'm going to get inked this script.
  • Myr avatar
    Magnifique! Merci beaucoup!
  • scallywags avatar
    We have used this font in our tattoo work and it's beautiful... If anyone out there is thinking about using this style as a tattoo font, do it!
    It's wonderful on the skin and it really flow's...
    Thank you...
  • fijinetworks avatar
    It's lovely! So elegant 😄 Thank you!!
  • chazah avatar
    Beautiful and elegant font, thk u!
  • Bufalo70 avatar
    Yeah ... good !
  • Benfothe avatar
    Eh great , I love this font man 😃
  • sicaboo avatar
    Just got my families names tatted in this script.
    it looks so sexy and elegant! THANK YOU!!!
  • BenjaminFailor avatar
    @julesonpearl Where is your store located, precisely?
  • paraenesis avatar
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Version 1.0; 1999; initial release

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