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Steiner font by Gabriele Magurno
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  • alinaalvarez avatar
    I'm a great fan of your font, I use it for everything, just to thank you for sharing it with us, just one more question, I'm a spanish native speaker and I always use it for spanish documents, are you planning on adding new elements like accents and the ñ letter from the spanish alphabet. Thanks
  • dingerdangoo avatar
    Cool! I LOVE this font! It's just the font I need for a project I'm doing!
  • Shadowxe avatar
    Great font BUT: "The SOFTWARE is "Not for Commercial Use"." Read the Licence file 😞
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I've been always fascinated by typography. This is my first attempt to build a TrueType(tm) font: after turning my Photoshop Brushes into a DingBats font in 2004 ("the B.O.M.B.") I've thought to try and make a "serious" typeface. I had in mind a modern, stylish font, ideal for fashion logos and corporate design: hope I've achieved my goal. Concerning the font's name: I wanted to dedicate my efforts to Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy.


© 2006 Gabriele Magurno - All Rights Reserved.


This font is licensed as Freeware. Intellectual rights and property remains to the legit owner and author, Gabriele Magurno. If you plan to redistribute this font on magazines, CD-ROMs or websites, you must leave the package intact with the same files you've found on the original, available at my site. You may NOT ask/earn money with this font directly (e.g. by selling it) but you're free to use it for commercial projects (logos, flyers, posters, etc...) A credit or a link back to my site ( aren't required, but they are always appreciated.


Gabriele Magurno -


Version 1.00 19/05/2006


This font is freeware: no fu*king vendors needed.
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