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Peignot font by George Williams
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  • MaddKatter avatar
    One of my all-time favorite fonts--just spent a couple hours trying to identify and find it...
    Clean, classy, distinctive. Both aesthetic and easy to read...
    Kudos to the designer.
  • Nate547 avatar
    There are like 5 businesses on the same street around here that use this font. I always wondered what it was.
  • JoArchitect avatar
    I remember this font from the ABC "movie of the week" back in the 1970's.... And if you want a really big dose, watch a rerun of the Mary Tyler show! The credits are all in a bold version of peignot. It's a great font, now a classic.
  • JoArchitect avatar
    ...and to think, this font was designed in 1937! typography studio Deberny & Peignot, designer's name was cassandre.
    Really amazing to think how long ago this was, and how cutting edge this must have been in its time. Shows that classic design always endures.
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The programs to draw the splines of this font are Copyright © 1999 by George Williams


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