Goldbill XL Font

by Wahyu and Sani Co.

Goldbill XL Font

2 font family styles

XL Light Style

Goldbill XL Light
postscript 474 glyphs 465 characters

XL Light Italic Style

Goldbill XL Light Italic
postscript 476 glyphs 465 characters
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    About Goldbill XL Font

    Goldbill is modern sans serif typeface which designed based on geometric shapes. It is not just another geometric typeface, the uppercase letters were designed to have more squared form instead of circular and the lowercase retain the circular looks. It was designed with 2 axes variable; x-height and weight that generates 54 fonts with 3 different x-heights and 9 different weights.

    The basic version of Goldbill is the best for text, while the Goldbill XS with the narrowest x-height is ideal for display text, logo, etc, and the one with the largest x-height, Goldbill XL would be good for heading, shorter paragraph text or web font. Goldbill type family with its 3 different x-heights would be a great type system for any modern graphic design and typographic work.

    Each font has 470+ glyphs which covers Western and Eastern Europe Latin based languages, and also equipped with some OpenType Layout Features, such as: Denominators, Fractions, Standard Ligatures, Localized Forms, Numerators, Ordinals, Scientific Inferiors, Subscript, Superscript, and Tabular Figures.

    Designers: Wahyu Wibowo
    Publisher: Wahyu and Sani Co.

    This font style is free for personal use, if you are unsure about it, send us an email to [email protected] or [email protected] for more info. Any amount of donation would be appreciated and support us to continue providing free fonts!

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