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Bradstone-Parker Script Limited font

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Bradstone-Parker Script Limited font by Intellecta Design
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Bradstone-Parker Script Limited Free Version

NOTE: This font is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!

Bradstone-Parker Script Limited Free Version

To purchase the full font (669 gliphs, swashes and amazing ligatures) and a commercial license, visit:

Visit my commercial library : http://new.myfonts.com/foundry/Intellecta_Design/

Donations are appreciated!
about THE ORIGINAL FONT (this is a limited free version with limited set):

Bradstone-Parker Script
Iza and Paulo W (Intellecta Design) are proud to announce Bradstone-Parker script Script. A free interpretation of the golden age writing style from American classical penmanship. Inspired in Zaner and his contemporaries Bradstone-Parker has evocative (sometimes exaggerated) ligature forms and voluptuous forms.

This enhanced OpenType version is a complete solution for producing documents and artworks with a evocative and voluptuous style of calligraphic script:

- many stylistic alternates for each letter (upper- and lowercase), accessed with the glyph palette;

- ornaments and tails (“rasgos”) in the typical style from the XIX to the first decades of the XX century writing style, all accessed with the glyph palette using the Ornaments feature;

- an extensive set of ligatures (100s of contextual alternates ligatures) providing letterform variations that make your designs really special, resembling real handwriting on the page;

- a tour-de-force kerning work: over 4600 kerning paris soft adjusted handly.

In non-OpenType-savvy applications it works well as an unusual and beautiful script style font. Because of its high number of alternate letters and combinations (almost 700 glyphs), we suggest the use of the glyph palette to find ideal solutions to specific designs. The sample illustrations will give you an idea of the possibilities. You have full access to this amazing stuff using InDesign, Illustrator, QuarkXpress and similar software. However, we still recommend exploring what this font has to offer using the glyphs palette: principally to get all the power of the Contextual Alternates feature. You can get an idea of the power of this font looking at the “Bradstone-Parker Script Guide”, a pdf brochure in the Gallery section.

Take a special look at the Bradstone-Parker Words (ready words). Bradstone-Parker Script has original letters designed by Iza W and overall creative direction plus core programming by Paulo W.

Bradstone-Parker Script Limited Free Version sample text
Bradstone-Parker Script Limited Free Version (Version 1.000 2) Bradstone-Parker Script Limited Free Version.ttfView Font Info 212 characters — View All

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    I love it!
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Copyright (c) 2011 by Iza W, Paulo W, Intellecta Design. All rights reserved.


Copyright (c) 2011 by Iza W, Paulo W, Intellecta Design. All rights reserved.


Version 1.000 2011 initial release


Bradstone-Parker Script Limited Free Version is a trademark of Iza W, Paulo W, Intellecta Design.


Iza W, Paulo W, Intellecta Design