KBBonjourSweetheart Font

by KhrysKreations

KBBonjourSweetheart Font

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Medium Style

truetype 99 glyphs 100 characters

KBBonjourSweetheart Style

truetype 99 glyphs 100 characters
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    About KBBonjourSweetheart Font

    *This font may be used for ANY free/personal use
    *You may use this font on your personal blog or website; however you must include my button on the site.
    *Any SMALL business commercial use requires a license. This can be purchased through a $5 donation per font. If you would like to purchase a SMALL business license to use ALL KB fonts by Khrys Bosland, a one-time $25 donation can be made. If you would like to confirm that your needs will fit under the Small Business license, please email me at [email protected]
    *You may NOT use this font as a logo or part of a logo without my written permission, as this requires a different license.
    *You may NOT use this font in an iPad/iPhone/Android APP without my written permission, as this requires a different license.
    *If you are a LARGE business/ad agency/media company/etc. interested in using my fonts in your companies ads, brochures, websites, television shows, etc. Please notify me to purchase a large commercial license by emailing me at [email protected]
    *This font is NOT to be sold as is! You may not sell, distribute, or claim the font as your own.
    *These terms of use are subject to change at any time by the font creator Khrys Bosland


    Commercial licenses

    There are no commercial license purchase options. Contact the designer.
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    Vanessa Bays
    8 years ago

    WOW!! I love this one girl. Great job!

    8 years ago

    I agree...I love hearts! I am working on a heart font myself <3

    Vanessa Bays
    8 years ago

    @MiffinFonts YAY.... I cannot wait, and yes, the hearts are a nice touch 😄

    8 years ago

    Thank you 😄

    Khrys Bosland
    8 years ago

    Thank you all so much for your sweet comments! I'm so glad you like it 😄 ByTheButterfly - you are an inspiration! I adore all your fonts! And Miffin - I cannot wait to see the amazing fonts you have in store!

    Khrys Bosland
    8 years ago

    @hevbee thank you for the love 😄

    real name on the net? surely you jest
    almost 9 years ago

    Hi there! I just wanted to add my compliments to the already extensive fan club you seem to have acquired! 😄 I'm not generally a fan of the "hearts" genre, but I really like this font. I particularly like the way you use very small curls and loops so that they add character and a nice decorative quality without being overdone (as are many "curly" fonts!).
    I have never tried to design a font myself so I'm not too familiar with the process, but I have a suggestion, if it wouldn't be too difficult. What do you think of the idea of making a variant of this font only without the hearts (you could use little curls on some of the characters in place of hearts), and particularly, with regular O, o, and 0 (especially that zero; being a mathematician I can't get by without that one! 😄 ) — for the sake of those of us who don't have a boy- or girlfriend/significant other/partner/whatever-they're-calling-them-these-days, so that we can still use it year round and not just on V-day! (You could name it something like "BonjourMonAmi." 😄 )

    Khrys Bosland
    almost 8 years ago

    @viperrific thank you so very much for your kind words! I truly appreciate it 😄 I will definitely work on a version without the hearts- what a fabulous idea! I hope you'll check back soon to see how it comes out. Love the name suggestion too. Thanks again <3 hugs