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Fugacious Elixir font

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Fugacious Elixir font by Lensicle
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This is a hand drawn font which is supposed to represent messy creativity and free thought. I decided to call it "Fugacious Elixir" because the word "fugacious" means 'fleeting' and "elixir" means 'good potion'. I got this idea based on the meaning of those two words combined being like a hit of drugs that doesn't last long but can cause our minds to experience strong pleasure.

Because of this each individual letter and number in the font has unique sketches, some represent something, others are general scribbles. But all were spontaneous and supposed to represent the messy creativity embodied in the font.

A commercial license can be purchased if required, you can get it from:

Thanks for viewing the font.

Fugacious Elixir sample text
Fugacious Elixir (Version 1.0) fugacious-elixir.ttfView Font Info 64 characters — View All


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Added (almost 4 years ago) by
lensicle avatar lensicle


Free for personal use. For commercial use please get a license from


Version 1.0

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