Panforte Serif Font

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Panforte Serif Font

6 font family styles

Bold Style

Panforte Serif Bold
truetype 400 glyphs 398 characters

Bold Italic Style

Panforte Serif Bold Italic
truetype 400 glyphs 398 characters

Italic Style

Panforte Serif Italic
truetype 395 glyphs 386 characters

Light Style

Panforte Serif Light
truetype 393 glyphs 385 characters

Light Italic Style

Panforte Serif Light Italic
truetype 393 glyphs 385 characters

Regular Style

Panforte Serif Regular
truetype 395 glyphs 386 characters
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    About Panforte Serif Font

    Panforte Pro is the basic ingredient for any tasty visual feast: a prime-cut font family, deliciously readable online and offline, space-saving and organic, appealing to hipster consumers and seasoned gluttons.
    Hand drawn in easy big strokes, its a very condensed typeface that allows you to typeset easily long texts.Lovers of world cuisine will be delighted to discover that it supports over forty languages using the latin alphabet, spiced with hand-picked diacritics and comes also with a tasty side dish of greek and cyrillic characters.
    For all the nouvelle cuisine open type chefs, it features a set of proper small case character set and alternate oldstyle numerals, as well as a set of repeating letter ligatures to avoid that metallic taste of repeating double characters.
    Try it in our editable html5 sampler page.
    Take care: All advanced features (small caps, alternate sets & ligatures) are developed using open type technology, fully compatible with Adobe software and major design softwares and OS, but not supported by every software. Check before buying!
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