Papel Picado Font

by DaMuff


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Papel Picado
truetype 161 glyphs 240 characters
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    Paul Zimmerli
    11 years ago

    Nice work! Just a little more effort on the last few remaining punctuation marks, and you've got a winner. Reminds me of the worn lettering on a circus wagon - and I'm old enough to remember circus wagons with worn lettering! It shouldn't take much effort, and you'll have a good, solid product!

    real name on the net? surely you jest
    11 years ago

    Fab! I hope to see you use your creativity to design & post more fonts.

    Zimmerlip has a point; there are so many free fonts available, if you find one that's nice but doesn't have all the characters (punctuation, diacritics, foreign alphabets, math chars, etc.) that you need, you can probably find a similar one that does meet your needs. Of course some fonts are just unique, but it's still best to include at least basic punctuation. by which I mean the following: period, comma, single and double quotes (preferably "smart quotes" too), semicolon, colon, question mark, explanation point, dash, slash, brackets or parentheses (or preferably both).
    The very most basic of punctuation marks are the following 10:
    . , ' " ; : ? ! - /
    If a font is missing even one of these, I find that it's difficult to write well in it.

    These next 8 are not absolutely required but can help make your writing look better:
    [ ] ( ) ” ‘ ’
    I use the brackets [ ] for notes to myself about things I may want to change later. Parentheses are always good to have, and the 'smart quotes'