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by Mirz123

Wild West
Pixel-Western Font

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Pixel-Western Regular
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    About Pixel-Western Font

    It was quite a challenge translating Western text into a pixel font since the typeface is quite ornamented. I did have to take a few liberties with the design, but feel that it is pretty accurate overall. Since several of the characters would probably not be used with this font (such a curly brackets and @ sign), I decided to replace them with some Western-theme dingbats. There is a horseshoe, Sheriff's star, cactus, steer head, cowboy hat, boot, and guns. The black-hatted smiley is my own creation and can be found on my deviantART account.


    This is a full font set, including all basic symbols/punctuation. The zip file includes the fonts, a readme file, plus a copy of the graphic above so you can see the full set, as well as a full character list. When using a graphics program, this font works best at 6pts (8px).

    :aww: This font is free use for personal and commercial projects. Commercial use is restricted to incorporation in a project (such as video game development or logo/website design), but excludes re-distribution for profit (such as in a pay font CD collection). Please see the ReadMe for more details.

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    Ken Bruce
    12 years ago

    A very good translation of western style to pixel. Love it.

    Michelle Lehmann
    12 years ago

    @crispycraker Thank you much. This was surely one of my most difficult font to pixel translations, but I am happy how it turned out.