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Gtek Technology font

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Gtek Technology font by Qbotype Fonts
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The download of this source is free, does not include all the characters and is not authorized for commercial use.
You can buy the full version here: www.qbotype.com
For inquiries about this source, licenses and commercial rights, send an email to: qbotype@gmail.com
/ carlosmatteoli@gmail.com
You can not resell, modify or redistribute these files, please avoid inconveniences.
This source is registered.
Thank you.
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Gtek Technology sample text
Gtek Technology (Version 1.00 Se) Gtek Technology free promo.ttfView Font Info 26 characters — View All


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    @julsawesomemusic 😛
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    thank you, when you need some, consult me
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    For anyone looking to buy this font. Be aware that the 20USD price is NOT accurate. The creator will ask for more money before sending you the commercial font, despite the purchase agreement on the website.
  • Qbotype avatar
    Typography value: US$ 20 (For personal use only)
    Value of the license: US$ 10 (Free for commercial use) Total us$30 is the price of the full typography. There are currently no overpricing
  • LucasBorboleta avatar
    Au premier aperçu, j'adore !
    At first glance, I love it !
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    @LucasBorboleta Merci mon ami!!
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This font was created using FontCreator 6.0 from High-Logic.com


Gtek Technology © (By Carlos Matteoli a.k.a Qbotype). 2013. All Rights Reserved


NOT allow commercial use of this typography. Only buying the full version. By downloading this source, you may only use personally. For information on purchase or use licenses, refer to: carlosmatteoli@gmail.com or qbotype@gmail.com <br>Thank you very much. <br> <br>NO se permite el uso comercial de esta tipografía. Sólamente comprando la versión completa. Al descargar esta fuente, usted podra usarla de forma personal unicamente. Para cualquier información sobre compra o licencias de uso, consulte a: carlosmatteoli@gmail.com o qbotype@gmail.com <br>Muchas gracias.
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Carlos Matteoli a.k.a. Qbotype


Version 1.00 September 22, 2013, initial release




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