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  • acrow avatar
    primitive lettering
  • princessrose avatar
    thx, great for my story 😄
  • skytrevor avatar
    Its really pretty, simple but not to simple, I luv it
  • MyAccountIsTemporary avatar
    Lol, comments: 2009, 2010, 2011, now 2012
  • jagroop101 avatar
  • Fcsab89 avatar
    jagroop101 < Co-co-combo breaker!
  • Alchaemist avatar
    Agreed... jagroop101 you really spoiled this! 😄
    2014 taken, see you next year!
  • skii123 avatar
    I know right
  • kittenlover1 avatar
    Love this font!!!
  • TezzardTang avatar
    @Fcsab89 You literally commented on my Birthday. 😃 2016 is taken up now!
  • Alchaemist avatar
    LOL just by chance I found myself needing this one, I saw the comments... and WTF!!!? LOL
    2017 taken, see you next year!
  • lookingforfontsin2018 avatar
    2018 taken, next year will be the 10th anniversary my dudes we can make it!

    also, I am looking for 18th-century looking fonts, like the ones in this text can anyone recommend me some?
  • IShouldBeWorking avatar
    Found the font, saw the comments, made an account just to reply.

    Happy 10 Years!
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