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Libra font by Roger White
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  • mdibblee avatar
    Dear Roger White:

    I downloaded your Libra font from & used it in an InDesign document but it would not export to Adobe Acrobat Professional (Acrobat Distiller). Can you help me with this error?

    I have not encountered this error with any other font installation. The computer's a mac with OS X 10.5.8 (dual 2 GHz PowerPC G5 8 GB DDR SDRAM 1 TB drive).

    Thanks & Best Regards.
  • Junopsis avatar
    The TXT file that comes with the download says that this is free for personal use, but commercial use requires a one-time payment.
  • fontspace avatar
    @Junopsis Take a look at Roger's website, he states that everything is now free for both personal and commercial
  • justcaptain avatar
    This font shouldn't be listed as public domain. It won't embed in InDesign PDFs and the designer is impossible to contact
  • Tuppus avatar
    This font was not made by this Roger White in 1993, but by Sjoerd Hendrik de Roos. It's for sale at Monotype's, and it probably shouldn't be here.
  • fontspace avatar
    @Tuppus I believe Roger made his fonts from scans of antique fonts (according to his website). You'll notice the quality is way less than Bitstream's version of this 1938 typeface.
  • Tuppus avatar
    Fair enough 😄
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Copyright [c] Roger White - 1994 - All rights reserved - see .txt file for terms for distribution and use.


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