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Garogier font by Rogier van Dalen
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Garogier is a typeface not unlike Garamond (hence the name). It will have optical size through its instructions (i.e. at low sizes, also when it is used on a high-resolution device such as a printer, the characters are changed slightly to increase readablity). This is supported by Windows 98 and up (this includes 2000 and XP). Freetype does not support it (yet).

I have not supplied a hinted version for the moment though. The font has kerning through the OpenType feature "kern", supports ligatures ("liga"), both lining and old-style figures ("lnum") and small caps ("smcp"). If you are used to looking at Greek letters: I'd like to have some feedback on those before I go on to instruct them.

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Rogier van Dalen


Version .50


Rogier van Dalen