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Harrington font by Sam Wang
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Licensed as: Shareware
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Harrington (Plain):001.001 sample text
Harrington (Plain):001.001 (001.001) HARRINGT.TTFView Font Info 77 characters — View All


  • printforce avatar
    it's just alovely font
  • Ellestee avatar
    I love this font and use it all the time. Thank you for making it!
  • Elaine16 avatar
  • jwatte avatar
    Wonderful for fantasy-theme titles!
  • forane avatar
    Hi Sam,
    Very nice font. Can you tell me is there possibility to by this fonts for commercial use and how much is it?
    Thanks in advanced on answers.
  • ozthewizard avatar
    I love this font. It's beautiful and will look good on my scrapbook layouts. Thank you.
  • Willowlane avatar
    I would like to buy this font too please can someone tell me how.
  • jotunheimm avatar
    this is the font that was used for the show pushing daisies in its credits
  • Tomoaki avatar
    Hi Sam
    Your Harrington font is very nice. May I use this font for commercial use too?? Please reply me!
  • xracer avatar
    Hello Sam,
    I too would like to know if I can use this font for commercial use. Thank you.
  • LucienOCorvi avatar
    how can we purchase the rights to use this font royalty free for commercial purposes (website, books, cover art, e-books, etc.)? is there a way to do this? i am simply in love with this font. i just found out about all of these font laws and am having a lot of confusion and trouble finding information so i am happy to find this site which has helped me a little.
  • dsdesigns avatar
    I am an Embroidery Digitizer and I was wondering if you allow your fonts to be digitized for embroidery and sold as embroidery files? I see that another digitizer has digitized it, so I am assuming you allow it for a fee? I have tried to contact you via email, however the email bounced back to me.
  • RuthieM avatar
    I was going to ask the same thing. Some places says you can. In fact I thought it was already one of the fonts on my Word program. However, if you would look above all the comments, there is a little lock and next to it says "Personal Use only--no commercial use." so that pretty much answers your questions. I know I'm disappointed too. I like the font too . 😞
  • vajames6300 avatar
    Hi Sam,

    I am interested in the Harrington font for commercial use. Am I able to purchase this font?
  • kld970 avatar
    Hi Sam,
    I am interested in the Harrington font for commercial use. Is this possible?
  • designerVS avatar
    This font is licensed as Shareware, Is it possible to use it commercially?
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