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Vintage Decorative Signs 4 font

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Vintage Decorative Signs 4 font by Sughayer Foundry
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Vintage Decorative Signs 4 sample text
Vintage Decorative Signs 4 (Version 1.20 Ja) Vintage Decorative signs_04.ttfView Font Info 96 characters — View All


  • faquick avatar
    Works in MS Excel but not in MS Word -- very disappointing!
  • Islandchick02 avatar
    good afternoon I was looking at your work and your very talented . Thank you for taking the time to create such beautiful art. I have a question I downloaded one of you font frames and I cant get it to work on Microsoft word but when I try it to Microsoft excel the special character shows up with no issue can you help
  • atatum1989 avatar
    These are gorgeous and pretty much exactly what I need, except like Islandchick02 and faquick said above they do NOT work in MS excel which makes using them quite hard. Excel can be tricky to play with and it wont carry over when copied and pasted into other programs. Any idea if you may fix it to work in MS word??
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Amin Ibraheem Kamal,all rights reserved 2014


Amin Ibraheem Kamal,all rights reserved 2014


Version 1.20 January 26, 2011


Vintage Decorative Signs 4


Amin Ibraheem Kamal,all rights reserved 2014
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