The Tomb (winter and spring) font

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The Tomb (winter and spring) font by The Black Box
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"The Tomb (winter and spring)" is much like everything else in life..unstable. Try playing with both the upper and lower case. Some letters are missing. The real treat with this font is the little goblin that lives in the period character. I made "The Tomb" to reflect raised and incised letters from tombstones. This font is heavily inspired from the incised letters from the tomb of Henry III, Westminster Abbey, about 1272.The original drawing was done on typing paper (lower case), and was then taken into Adobe PhotoShop with the dry brush filter used (upper case).

The Tomb (winter and spring) 1 sample text
The Tomb (winter and spring) 1 (§M 11/14/97) THETOMB(.TTFView Font Info 47 characters — View All


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degenerated by Sean


§M 11/14/97

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