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Monument_Valley_1.2 font

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Monument_Valley_1.2 font by turbocass
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Monument Valley: Thin, tall, and modern. Ideal for titles; lacking numbers and punctuation, except comma, period, and apostrophe. Future updates to come.

Monument_Valley_1.2 sample text
Monument_Valley_1.2 (Version 1.002;P) Monument_Valley_1.2-Regular.otfView Font Info 55 characters — View All

1 Comment

  • OrangeAngle avatar
    Do you have any plans to add other characters to the font like numbers or glyphs?

    Also, am I alright to use this font on t-shirts I'm going to sell?
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Taylor Spaulding


Version 1.002;PS 001.002;hotconv 1.0.70;makeotf.lib2.5.58329

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