VTC-SumiSlasherOne Font

by Vigilante TypeFace Corp.


7 font family styles

Italic Style

[object Object] font
truetype 214 glyphs 229 characters

Regular Style

[object Object] font
truetype 226 glyphs 229 characters

VTCSumiSlasherOnePunchDrunk Style

[object Object] font
truetype 226 glyphs 229 characters

Small Caps Style

[object Object] font
truetype 218 glyphs 229 characters

Skinned Regular Style

[object Object] font
truetype 192 glyphs 229 characters

SkinnedRaw Regular Style

[object Object] font
truetype 192 glyphs 229 characters

VTC-SumiSlasherOne Style

[object Object] font
truetype 192 glyphs 229 characters
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    About VTC-SumiSlasherOne Font

    This is just a simple down and dirty brushed typeface I was messing with and having some fun with in illustrator. there are 7 faces to this set all different and all with complete extended character sets!
    Enjoy and let me know if and how yas use it if yall do!
    best regards,


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    10 years ago

    A great job, well don !
    smallcaps is favorit

    Larry E Yerkes
    10 years ago

    Thanks Rene!

    almost 10 years ago

    I found a small problem with 2 fonts in the 7-font SumiSlasherOne family that Elaine reposted in alt.binaries.fonts. I download the fonts here and checked. The fonts here have the same problem.

    You can't use VTC-SumiSlasherOne Regular, VTC-SumiSlasherOne Italic and VTC-SumiSlasherOne Small Caps at the same time. If you open the 3 fonts at the same time, the first font opened will be the one activated - will be shown in Fontview preview of the other two fonts. Also, only one of the 3 fonts appears in Photoshop's fonts list. I have no idea what will happen if you install the fonts.

    The problem is easy to fix in Fontlab and I can do it myself but I prefer that you do it since these are your fonts. To fix the problem in the italic font, you need to check the "Font is italic" check box (Font Info -> Names and copyright). For the Small Caps font, you need to add "SmallCaps" in the font's family name -- from VTC-SumiSlasherOne to VTC-SumiSlasherOneSmallCaps. It is up to you whether to retain or not SmallCaps in the style name. There's nothing to change in the Regular font if Italic and SmallCaps are fixed.

    Too bad that you are no longer posting your fonts in ABF. Peopke in ABF surely missed you and your fonts. If you ever decide to fix the two fonts, can you post the 2 fixed fonts in ABF?

    BTW I can't open VTC-SumiSlasherOneJitteryBasterd in Windows98SE but have no problem loading it in Windows XP. I have no idea why! I generated an OTF to test and it opened OK in ATM but no luck with the TTF.

    Great fonts you are making.