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by John Sizemore

Westinghouse Font

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    About Westinghouse Font

    In 1963, the Westinghouse Broadcasting Company adopted a moniker, Group W, and a new corporate identity, which included a Group W logo and a typeface for use by the Group W-owned radio and TV stations in call letters and logos. This typeface--which I’ve called Westinghouse--was also used for Group W-owned satellite communication companies, syndicated productions and satellite distribution units. This practice ended in 1995, when Group W began a lengthy merger with CBS to become CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

    I grew up in one of the cities that was served by a Group W station, WJZ 13. While many found the logo unattractive, it got me interested in graphic design at an early age, though I never became a professional designer. I’ve spent twenty years collecting samples of the typeface from print and online sources. After much procrastination, I’ve completed this version of Westinghouse in three weeks. I created one many years ago, but, in light the popularity of Ray Larabie’s “Anklepants”, I didn’t want to be accused of infringing on his work. A comparison of Westinghouse with Anklepants is included on a sample sheet, which can be obtained by request. I also designed punctuation marks and a Greek and Russian alphabet. I even included the Group W logo.

    As this font design may still be the property of CBS Broadcasting, Inc., it is free for commercial use. Just acknowledge some thanks to me via e-mail. Feel free to send me any questions or suggestions.

    John Sizemore, M. Ed.
    [email protected]

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    Ingrid Garcia
    10 years ago

    Great Design man 😄

    7 years ago

    It's an excellent expansion of Ray Larabie's work. It was also used for the short-lived game show "On the Cover", in which Group W had no part: http://gameshows.wikia.com/wiki/On_the_Cover

    John Sizemore
    5 years ago

    I uploaded a newer version. I fixed many problems with stem width and baselines.