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ANGEL TEARS font by Billy Argel
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ANGELTEARS-trial sample text
ANGELTEARS-trial (Version 1.000) ANGEL___.otfView Font Info 128 characters — View All


  • ljdpugh avatar
    1st comment woop!!!!!!
  • wickhop avatar
    nice & scetchy.. I like it.
    Caps - B looks really nice!
  • digiscrapper avatar
    Thanks very much - great font!
  • RuThyLuvly808 avatar
    This one is really nicee ! Fancy lookin ahaaha
  • BELLA141 avatar
    okay seriously leaving commentz for a font that funny!!!! lol im bored
  • liz17 avatar
    I really like this font and want to use it for my am i able to use the font to design my tattoo?
  • mics24 avatar
    oh thank you all
  • Faerya avatar
    sweeeet! anything named "Angel" is good with me,
    you're the FONTmasta :3

    <3 Faerya
  • galactico7 avatar
    it's great font. I like it. I use everyday 😄
  • Issie1609 avatar
    I love this font. I use it all the time. It is very sketchy and the capital letters are my favourite. I love looking at all your fonts! This one would have to be one of my stand out favourites! B M N R S T are all really good letters. PLEASE MAKLE MORE FONTS!!!!! ( AS GOOD AS THIS ONE!) [IF YOU CAN BEAT IT!]
  • Issie1609 avatar
    make* lol soz
  • oconnor21 avatar
    LOVE this font! I have used it for SO MUCH! 😄
  • weknow avatar
    may i add your facebook
  • tinkerbell3 avatar
    yep lol
  • BaBiiTaPrincess avatar
    Lyk dis Font use it alot 😄
  • susie24 avatar
    Love ! <3
  • zabismile avatar
    thank u so much .i was need it
  • chazah avatar
    Lovely, thk u so much! and love the name too!
  • cookiesammy04 avatar
  • RonanMc avatar
    This is absolutely AWESOME!!! I used this for the word 'Anniversary' in an anniversary card and it turned out great!!!
  • ebony8kake avatar
  • RavenSky23 avatar
    Love this, you ROCK! 😄
  • jaymcghee79 avatar
  • ralph512 avatar
    Rubbish! Punctuation is either missing or appears as the creator's logo. I was unable to use it for what I wanted for this reason. A fix to this would be appreciated by all.
  • Mika420 avatar
    is very beautiful font,you make it very nice.Thank you
  • TeraZul avatar
    Pretty cool font 😄
  • psykolette avatar
    Love it!!!
  • Friedrich1986 avatar
    Hey this is a great font man , congratulations!
  • Dantenopolis avatar
    great font!! i love it
  • JimmyKudo avatar
  • Owenjenko avatar
    I don't like it
  • liligili333 avatar
  • yayfonta avatar
    @Owenjenko Same here this font is just plain old stupid. Nothing to obsess over. its quite inferior to the other fonts and that is an understatement itself. Let me try again. THIS FONT IS MORE ATROCIOUS THAN MY GARBAGE
  • stella4u avatar
    please write me email there OK Hope we can be good friends because i don't check this site always OK; (
  • awesome1aamenah avatar
  • CarolynaDR avatar
    This font is gorgeous!
  • Froncesvalles avatar
    I was amazed with this font style. I used it every time I have projects in the office. Thanks. 😄
  • hiddenkakure avatar
  • serluna41 avatar
    es un clasico, gracias!!
  • terhasgirlloveit avatar
    its called ANGEL TEARS, but its kinda gothic! I like it! its cool
  • Lukas6903 avatar
  • gregorpant avatar
    Super cool!
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Copyright (c) 2010 by Billy Argel. All rights reserved.


Copyright (c) 2010 by Billy Argel. All rights reserved.


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Billy Argel


Version 1.000


ANGELTEARS trial is a trademark of Billy Argel.


Billy Argel
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