A Readable Wedding Font, Finally!

by fontspace

For those couples out there looking to put out their wedding invitations, outline their wedding program, and start thinking about the more fun parts of married life (honeymoon, anyone?), some fonts are incredibly traditional (this is also known as unreadable by many circles, including your great Aunt Maureen).  However, looking for a new one to use?  Check out FontSpace, which has its own collection of wedding fonts.

My favorite today is Blessed Day.  Easy to read, not too many swirls which would make you wonder if the font threw up on itself, but still classy.  I can definitely see using this as a font that could move through the wedding invitation, to the wedding program, to even thank you notes for all of those gifts you registered for (and the ones you didn't... thanks, Aunt Maureen, for the teal and orange afghan - we're sure to find the perfect spot for such a unique family treasure).

This is a font that will make your wedding day your own, apart from all of the typical printing that include intricate loops and words that are underlined multiple times by the tail of a y.  

Looking for another specific font, or need help tracking down something close to the one your mother wants to use and therefore will help pay for the invitations?  Contact us and we'll do everything we can to help find the perfect font... or at least lead you in the right direction on where you'll be able to find the frills and swirl patterns.