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Blossoming Constellation Font

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Blossoming Constellation free
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    About Blossoming Constellation Font

    Blossoming Constellation Font

    Introducing "Blossoming Constellation," a free-spirited handwritten font that gracefully weaves the celestial allure of constellations with the untamed beauty of blossoming flowers. Each letter in this font carries the essence of a wandering spirit, capturing the whimsy and wonder of the universe. With its flowing lines and delicate details, "Blossoming Constellation" invites you to express your creativity with the boundless freedom of a free spirit. Whether used for artistic projects, personal messages, or branding, let this font guide your imagination on a journey where every stroke is a testament to the limitless possibilities of creativity and self-expression.

    Blossoming Constellation Font was created to look as close to a natural handwritten script as possible by including over 50 natural-looking opentype ligatures, Uppercase and lowercase Stylistic Alternate, a lot of head/beginning swashes and tail/ending swashes. There are also 30 underline swashes included and lot more ornaments, arrow, scribbles, etc.

    Easy access all alternate glyphs, swashes, ornaments and underlines just by using ligatures, you can try yourself in the font preview tool.

    Stylistic alternate can be access by type plus symbol "+" in front of the original letter, for example type +A to get stylistic alternate of letter A capital.

    Underline swashes can be access by type hyphen symbol "-" then followed by number 1 to 30, for example type -3, -22 or -17 etc to get various different underline swashes.

    Head/beginning swashes can be access by type dollar symbol "$" then followed by number 1 to 9, for example type $2 or $8 to get various different head/beginning swashes.

    Tail/ending swashes can be access by type percent symbol "%" then followed by number 1 to 30, for example type %3 or %15 etc to get various different tail/ending swashes.

    Ornaments can be access by type at symbol "at" then followed by number 1 to 26, for example type @4 or @13 etc to get various different ornaments.

    Blossoming Constellation Font is also PUA encoded which means you can access all of the glyphs and swashes with ease!


    - Uppercase and Lowercase letters
    - Numbering and Punctuations
    - Multilingual Support
    - 50 Ligatures
    - Beginning and ending swashes
    - Underline swashes
    - Stylistic alternate
    - Ornaments
    - Easy access swash just by using ligatures

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