Sparkling Horizon Font

by Letterhanna

Sparkling Horizon Font

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Sparkling Horizon Regular
truetype 363 glyphs 370 characters
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    About Sparkling Horizon Font

    Introducing "Sparkling Horizon" – a mesmerizing handwritten font that captures the essence of boundless creativity and shimmering elegance. With every stroke, this font evokes the sensation of glistening sunlight on the horizon, infusing your designs with a touch of radiant charm. Whether used for invitations, logos, or creative projects, "Sparkling Horizon" brings a sense of enchantment to your words. Let your imagination take flight as you create with this font, where each character sparkles like a unique star on the canvas of your design journey.

    Sparkling Horizon Font perfect for any occasion. You can use it for invitations, posters, logos, or any other design project that requires a personal touch. With its natural and authentic feel, our Handwriting Font will give your projects a warm and welcoming touch.

    Sparkling Horizon Font was created to look as close to a natural handwritten script as possible by including over 33 natural-looking opentype ligatures, and a full set of lowercase alternates. There are also 30 underline swashes included and lot more ornaments, arrow, scribbles, etc.

    Easy access all alternate glyphs, swashes, ornaments and underlines just by using ligatures, you can try yourself in the font preview tool. Read more instruction to use alternate glyphs at preview images or read at

    Hosperity Font is also PUA encoded which means you can access all of the glyphs and swashes with ease!



    - Uppercase and Lowercase letters

    - Numbering and Punctuations

    - Multilingual Support

    - 33 Ligatures

    - Beginning and ending swashes

    - Underline swashes

    - Stylistic alternate

    - Contextual alternate

    - Ornaments

    - Easy access swash just by using ligatures

    Thank you for considering our Handwriting Font. We look forward to serving you and helping you bring a personal touch to your designs.


    Rinaldo Hasibuan

    Letterhanna Studio


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