Curtains Final Font

by moonmoth design

Curtains Final Font

2 font family styles

Bold Finale Style

postscript 108 glyphs 107 characters

Final Style

postscript 107 glyphs 106 characters
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    About Curtains Final Font

    I designed this font for my son's art class. He needed to do a special project or he would fail, and since he hadn't done so hot in his other classes, he'd have to do summer school. And that would mean we wouldn't be able to make our annual trip to Vegas. Which would be cruel, since he has spent all his spare time working on a method to beat the odds at roulette.

    So what could I do? The kid hates art- because of me, his failed artist father, probably. He wants to be an engineer or an astronaut or a truck driver. Something non-creative.

    I wanted to do something that'd make him proud of me, but at the same time net him no better or no worse than a "C" or "C minus" for the course. So I had to make this font look like the work of a kid who hates art because of Oedipal conflicts with his father. Like something he did all by himself on the night before the deadline, with a joint smoldering in the ashtray.

    It was tricky, especially because I sometimes drink with his art teacher, a frustrated neo-expressionist painter with a chip on his shoulder as big as a buffalo (a buffalo chip, i mean). He makes his own brandy out of canned apricots and dried breadcrusts, a recipe he learned in prison i think. It sure helps get us through these long Colorado winter nights. This guy knows my style pretty well so I had to be hyper aware of not drawing my letters too correctly. So I sketched the roughs left handed, with a joint smoldering in the ashtray.I wouldn't want to endanger my connection with my boy's teacher; it's hard enough being a father, it'd be impossible without drinking buddies.

    So i feel kind of bad about this deception, but some day the truth will come out and we'll all laugh about it. Hopefully.

    The bright side right now is that my son has agreed that since i did this for him he will wait a year before getting a tattoo. Look out Vegas, here we come!

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    10 years ago

    I must say, you make beautiful fonts, thank you.
    I do think you are teaching your son to cheat in a acceptable way. :)
    You also have a gift with could be a writer.

    darko xylitski
    10 years ago

    @KSA you just gave me a idea- to do a big extended size font with sentences or phrases instead of letters and then everyone could write their own story. boocoo thanks for comps plus inspiration

    10 years ago

    You are welcome...keep on keeping on...:)

    10 years ago

    this is nice