Kabbalah Font

by SWMCA Brands & Holding LLC.

Kabbalah Font

Sampler Style

Kabbalah Sampler Medium
truetype 170 glyphs 170 characters
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    About Kabbalah Font

    Kabbalah is a word of Jewish/Hebrew origin meaning receiving tradition. The word is also used in the spiritual faiths of New Age, Occult-Wicca, and to a very limited degree...Christianity. This font will be one of two to replace the popular Tribal font's place at fontspace.com. The other is Tribal Cursive. Tribal is being redone and then will be released under one of it's former names "Native American Honor" or "NAH" for short. The font Kabbalah will replace was used a lot as the base font for this design.

    As a result Kabbalah has a lot of the same spiritual and ethnic feel as Tribal. Unlike Tribal which was created in the 1980's and digitalized in 2012, Kabbalah was created and is being introduced to you as a totally new font drawn and digitalized both in October, 2014. Now that SWMCA is organized by the Freelancers Union of New York City, it's also a pleasure to announce Kabbalah as SWMCA's first fully union-made font download.

    March 2020:
    This font is being converted to a variable font. If your system can not use variable fonts, download this font now while you can. UPON COMPLETION, THIS AND ALL PRIOR VERSIONS WILL BE REMOVED FROM PUBLIC CIRCULATION.

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      Fontarium - a division of SWMCA Brands and Holding LLC.
      9 years ago

      Originally the Tribal font this one was introduced to replace, was scheduled to leave fontspace.com to become a toll (or pay) font. Since that time SWMCA has started selling at Etsy. Because we want to try our hand at embroidery fonts, we decided to keep both fonts; Tribal and Kabbalah here and availible for FREE while we see if this new product nets us enough revenue. If there's enough sales then both of these will remain a free fonts for a long time.