Tribal Schoolhouse Font

by SWMCA Brands & Holding LLC.

Tribal Schoolhouse Font

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Tribal Schoolhouse
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    About Tribal Schoolhouse Font

    If you liked Tribal and you're a teacher, you'll probably love Tribal Schoolhouse...maybe even if you don't teach. For a full history of the font, check out "Tribal" by SWMCA. This is the first of a series of "schoolhouse" fonts to be introduced. The schoolhouse line is SWMCA fonts modified to how the alphabet is taught in elementary schools (USA) but designed to keep many of the characteristics of the original font. Any or all of the following characters will be subject to modification from the original in manuscript schoolhouse fonts: A,E,F,G,I,J,M.N,T,U,W,Y, a,e,f,g,q,r,t,u,w,y,z,3,4,6, and 9. Additional ones may also be modified if needed. Teachers work hard and often have to buy materials and supplies from their own measley paychecks. They really aren't paid or respected enough, but care for our kids so much that many would risk their own life to protect the kids as illustrated in the Sandy Hook massacre. To them and other educators our there this is the first of the "schoolhouse" fonts. Schoolhouse (at least those produced by SWMCA) fonts are always freeware, even for commercial usage (so they can be used freely in both public and private schools). As for the Tribal font itself, a "Tribal 2" is coming. It's like the original but addresses spacing, kerning, and punctuation problems with the original. The schoolhouse version to SWMCA's knowledge does not have these issues. No promises, but a cursive Tribal is also planned if the bugs can be worked out. IMPORTANT NOTE: The square root sign replaces the registered trademark symbol on schoolhouse fonts.


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    Nate Halley
    11 years ago

    Very nice! The only thing wrong I can find with it is that you can't type certain kinds of emoji (kirbies) with it. Like (=^-^=) because of SHIFT+6 being the copyright notice. If you moved that to the Private Use Area and brought the spacing modifier circumflex to the Basic Latin set it would be perfect!

    Fontarium - a division of SWMCA Brands and Holding LLC.
    11 years ago

    Thank you for your comment Nate. I,ve been creating fonts by hand since 1977, but the digitalization is still new to me. I will be looking into the emoji and spacing problems. Also I noticed about 5 characters (all symbols) missing so I plan to re-release this font in the future. I've heard nothing from Font Panda (the co-owner for the digital version) for a few weeks, though their website is still up. To fix this problem and for future fonts I present here, I may just go in-house on the digitalization as well. Thanks for your comment and for everyone else, if you have other gripes be sure to post them here. That's the only way I can fix the fonts to the public's taste.