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Damask Dings1 font

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Damask Dings1 font by Nymphont
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Damask Dings1 sample text
Damask Dings1 (Version 1.00 Ju) DamaskDings1.ttfView Font Info 62 characters — View All


  • markus1 avatar
    i like kool
  • secret48 avatar
    I cant wait to cut it with my Cricut...
  • heathert avatar
    Sorry, but the TOU (readme.txt) says IN BIG LETTERS: NO COMMERCIAL USE (*wah*)
  • nymphont avatar
    Sorry for the confusion, commercial use requires a PayPal donation. Personal use is free.

    The TOU is meant to clariify that commercial use is not free, free downloading & use is only permitted for personal use. But commercial use is permitted w/ a donation through PayPal.

    Sorry about that.
  • giftedmemories avatar
    Hi. How do I make a donation???
  • bestsources avatar
    donation button is under "contact designer" next to commercial use requires donation
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A set of dingbats inspired by damask prints


© Lauren Thompson, "Nymphont" 2009. All Rights Reserved.


Free For Personal Use. Commercial Use Requires a Paypal Dontation. A more detailed Terms of Use and End User License Agreement should have accompanied this font download as a readme.txt file. Email for further details or to receive a copy of this readme.txt.
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Lauren Thompson, "Nymphont"


Version 1.00 July 6, 2009, initial release

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