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Celtic font by Sam Wang
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Celtic (Plain):001.001 sample text
Celtic (Plain):001.001 (001.001) Celtic.ttfView Font Info 52 characters — View All


  • nosoroga avatar
    very nice
  • jvjaspm avatar
    very Book of Kells-ish
  • sexiest88suzy avatar
    hummm...i think i will get this lettering for my ink that will be done tonight=] ima gonna go look sum more , then i will be fulling decidable
  • aycs avatar
    This font when downloaded is NOT the same as on display above.
  • fontspace avatar
    @aycs It actually is the same. You probably have a different font already installed with the name "Celtic", in which case opening the new one will show the old one. This is just how windows works with identical font names 😕
  • aycs avatar
    @fontspace No Font called celtic has been installed until i installed this one.
    I have found out that the font above is identical to stonehenge regular
  • scottieb avatar
    Y r the accented letters not displayed?
  • foxyvixen avatar
    @sexiest88suzy speak properly!
  • jiamsy avatar
    @fontspace any idea how we can contact Sam Wang? We are interested in using it for commercial use.
  • sligo avatar
    After download, the bottom part of the word is visible. It DOES NOT look like the displayed font. I do not have any other fonts titled "Celtic".
  • loganmomm3 avatar
    Love it.
  • antoniadiacci avatar
    Celtic font is very suitable for my purposes. Thank you for the access to such lovely work. Cheers,
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